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Fire Station One

Downtown Roanoke

The Wilkinson Group is a proud partner in the redevelopment of Roanoke's historic Fire Station One.

Built in 1912, this iconic structure housed Roanoke's Finest for nearly a century. By 2006, advancements in fire-fighting necessitated a new structure for Roanoke Fire Department - leaving this important downtown landmark vacant. 


In 2018, a partnership was struck between our development team, the City of Roanoke, and Virginia's Department of Historical Resources (DHR) to restore this beautiful building to its former glory and bring new purpose to the space. A four year process began - documenting each of the property's original historic elements and crafting plans to restore and preserve each.

The development team also set out to find occupants and uses for the space to meet the following goals: 

  • allow the public the opportunity to enter the Fire Station and see its numerous historical assets

  • reflect and amplify Roanoke's local identity

  • generate enough revenue to support the large investment required to restore the building to DHR standards

In 2020, the development team found a partner who could achieve all of our goals - and more. Roanoke furniture manufacturer, TXTUR, approached us with a concept that blended hospitality, cuisine, and their stylish, locally-manufactured furniture.

Historical renovation

Painstaking care was taken to restore this historic Roanoke Landmark - under the direction of Hill Studio's Historical Preservation team and the Virginia Department of Historical Resources.

Substantial investment

Over 2.5 million dollars were invested in the building's renovation - employing local carpenters, fabricators, and tradesmen in the process.

showcase for local business

Local craftsmanship, cuisine, and hospitality find a home at Fire Station One as a showroom for Roanoke's very own TXTUR™ brand.

Development team

Dale Wilkinson

The Wilkinson Group, Inc.

David Hill

Hill Studio

David Spigle

Spigle, Massey, & Clay Esq.

Greg Rhodes

Construction Unlimited

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13 Church Avenue SE

Roanoke, VA 24011 

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