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Built in 2001, Summerfield is a mixed-use development with retail and commercial spaces in Cloverdale, VA.

Historical renovation

Painstaking care was taken to restore this historic Roanoke Landmark - under the direction of Hill Studio's Historical Preservation team and the Virginia Department of Historical Resources.

Substantial investment

Over 2.5 million dollars were invested in the building's renovation - employing local carpenters, fabricators, and tradesmen in the process.

showcase for local business

Local craftsmanship, cuisine, and hospitality find a home at Fire Station One as a showroom for Roanoke's very own TXTUR™ brand.

Development team

Dale Wilkinson

The Wilkinson Group, Inc.

David Hill

Hill Studio

David Spigle

Spigle, Massey, & Clay Esq.

Greg Rhodes

Construction Unlimited

Find Us

13 Church Avenue SE

Roanoke, VA 24011 

Contact Us

Fire Station One Boutique Hotel

Phone: (540) 414-0545


Stock Bistro & Bar

Phone: (540) 414-0545



Phone: (540) 305-3039


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